Friday, January 2, 2015

More Better Images of Ninninger

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Hi Friends
Here is More but Clearer Pictures of the Cast, Ninningers, Mechas, and the Shurikens:

The Newspaper Flyer of the 5 Ninningers and at the Very Bottom the 6 ToQgers

Two Nice Pictures of the Logo and 5 Ninningers 

Another Picture of the 5 Ninninger and Shurikenjin

The Shinobi Shurikens w/ AkaNinger and Shurikenjin

These are really Cool Images of what we've gotten before and it's not in a Toy Catalog. I like the Image with the 5 Ninningers with "2015" on the front. I am so excited about Ninningers and can't wait to see what were going to get with the series I already liked the 1st promo.   More Ninninger Info coming!


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