Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Hi Friends,

I wanted to wish all my Viewers on Youtube, Followers on Twitter and Facebook and People that Follow my Blog a Happy New Year.

I am so glad 2014 is over and I want to just talk about Plans so far on what I have for the New Year.  Well Thanks to some Christmas Money I may be able to get a New Camera for my Reviews since I get stupid Comments Like "You Need a Better Camera Eugene" or "Eugene Needs to Update his Camera" I mean People are entitled to their own opinion but I am not stupid I have been trying to work on the Kinks on my Camera and the Problem it doesn't have in Video Mode a Auto Focus which I have been trying to figure out since I first got it.   So we will see in the Future!

I might add a 4th Light to my Review Setting as I have been thinking about something like that since I got some Cash.   I do have Plans to get the Rest of the Mechas for Kyoryuger and Shinkenger for 2015 but that is in the works.  I also need to get the rest of the Gekiranger Weapons such as: Geki Bazooka, Geki Sabers and SaiBlade.   Also I need to get the S.H Figuarts Rockman Zero.

I also need to talk about Ninninger I already Preordered the Vinyls and I want to get the Shinobi Ichigantana I'll snag it whenever the preorder is up.   Just so you know I might get Shurkinjin because I like the way the Mecha Looks but that will depend on my Budget when Next Month Arrives. I am going to try and Improve a little on my Reviews.

So As Far as 2015 is concern I Hope it is good for me as 2014 has sucked for me.  Please Friends Remember I do have ads by my Videos so please check those ads if you want me to buy more toys and I can bring more reviews I was told by the People that are Paying me to keep continuing on on making Videos so that what I attend to do.   If you want to Donate that is totally up to you I am not asking for Donations but I would Appreiate anything.  

I Started the New Year by Posting Stuff on ebay to sell and Hopefully I'll score something on People Buying and not having this Crap where People don't Pay and I got to take action I'm totally sick of that.

So Anyway, That is it Friends I hope 2015 is Awesome to you and I am Looking forward to my 5th Year as a Toy Reviewer and my 5th Year with my Channel.   So Ya'll Take Care and I'll be Back with more Videos and Updates on this Blog.

Happy New Year 2015      

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