Saturday, February 2, 2013

The "Items on Preorder" Section has been Resurrected & Ms. Riderproxy!

Hi Friends,

Time to update you on things Concerning the Blog.  I went ahead and Added my Items on Preorder Section since I did Preorders on  some Kyoryuger Stuff the only thing I need to preorder is the Gabuvolver so all this is coming from AmiAmi.  I am super Excited about this Sentai and I believe we are in for alot of fun with this Sentai.    I don't know why I deleted that Section from the Start.

Thanks to Ms Riderproxy Once Again she was able to get me a Tensouder and is on the way so then I can start my Reviews on the Goseiger Stuff and once I get a Gosei Morpher I will do all the Megaforce and then the Comparsion with Japanese & American.   I'm looking forward to do this and maybe it's the First time I ever did this in my reviews.

Now Speaking of Riderproxy she wants me to share some Stuff so check out all the Link underneath:

She is a Wonderful Middleman Service and I totally love working with her.  If you have questions email her and I am sure she would help you with anything that Toku or Non-Toku Related.  Her email is in all the Links I have Provided you. She is the Reason I got all my Gekiranger Mechas.

I will Explain myself one more time about what my Blog is about my Blog and Facebook Page are here to support my Channel and I don't need a Person coming on here and telling me what it is for.  I am the one who created it and  I know what it is for. To the DVD Company or whoever the Hell you are quit commenting because you don't know what this is about and I am referring to my DVD Discussion Posts.  Yes it is about DVD's but what is it for.   So get off my Blog because I don't have time for this and as soon as I get finish with this Post your Comments are going to be deleted and if you don't see this Message Shame on you.

Also Friends if you want to know how a certain Online Site work like Mandarake, AmiAmi, CS Toys and HLJ just email then instead of asking me. There is a FYI on there Sites I know it.

But Getting back to my Updates I went ahead and updated my Wanted List as I added Engine-Oh to it so I am not sure when I want to start looking for all that stuff. I will be getting this stuff in the future don't know when.

But Anyway, That's it for now I should be back with a updated Haul that's when I get my Tensouder so take Care and have a Great Day.


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