Sunday, November 11, 2012

Upcoming Plan for 15 Reviews that's going to be redone for the 3rd and Final Time.

Hi Friends,

It's been almost a Month since my Last Post on here but I need to update you guys on plans for the Future.   So As you all know my 200th Review is coming but I have more Plans coming for the Future after the 200th Review is Posted.

So 2 Months ago I redid my Abaranger Changer Reviews for the 3rd and Final Time.   So I have Plans to redo the Rest of the Sentai Changer Reviews for the 3rd and Final Time so here's what to expect in the Future of the Sentai Changer Reviews and there's 15:

1.) G-Phone
2.) G-Brace
3.) Hurricane Gyro
4.) Gourai Changer
5.) SP License
6.) Master License
7.) Brace Throttle
8.) Magiphone
9.) GripPhone
10.) Wolzard Phone
11.) MagiMother Phone
12.) Geki Changer
13.) Gong Changer
14.) Shodophone
15.) Sushi Changer

So that's the 15 Changers I will redo for the 3rd and final time.  The Reason I am Redoing these because I spent to much time on the Box and Less on the Changer.  I'm going to do exactly what you saw in the New Abaranger Changer Reviews and I also made some Mistakes on those older ones so I have to corrected it for the Last Time giving me some Closure on these Reviews.    One thing I will say these if you don't read this Message Shame on you because I do NOT want to here didn't you already did this like I did on the Gekiranger Mecha Reviews.    I am not in a Tolerating Mood anymore this is why the Ratings and Comments are Disabled.  I want to make Closure on these Reviews because I love these Changers and it's something I need to do also I want to put my Review setup to good use.  

So these Reviews will Problably hit the Channel a week or two after the 200th Review Pops up.  I'm holding back a Bit on buying shit so this is why I am doing this.

Well that is it I hope you look forward to these Reviews I will put these on the Review Schedule as I am not sure the Date yet so keep an eye out.  A V-log is coming up soon and I will talk about this in the V-Log so keep an eye out for everything going on.  Take Care.


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