Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Yah The Blog's 1 Year Anniversary!

Hi Friends,
Right now we have Hurricane Isaac Pounding the South of Louisiana currently where me and Jedimon Live and anyone that Lives in Louisiana.  So I am not sure what's going to happen are when I am going to do this so I will do this Tonight.  But Anyway, August 31, 2011 was the Day I activated the Blog so Friday will be it's 1 Year Anniversary and so far this Blog has been a Godsent on Future V-Log, Future Reviews, Pictures, Review Schedule, my Story, and so on.

So Happy 1 Year Anniversary JyuKen Forever Blog and Thank you for being here for me this 1st Year of Activation!  I also want to Thank all my Fans that Check out my Channel for Checking out my Blog this 1st Year and keep checking it out more and more.

Also I have been approved by BreezeAds.com so I should be having Ads Popping up on this Blog so Please click on them so I can make Money and Bring more Toys and Reviews to all you guys.

Now I do have Red Hawk SHF on the way from AmiAmi but due to the Storm it might be Delayed so keep an eye out on things I do have a V-Log coming.  Also I do Plan to get RKS Magiranger and Abaranger and I do want to get D-Arts Rockman X Vile.  Now I do want to get Machalcon I said this in countless V-Logs and I will work hard on him.  Now I am thinking about getting some more Mechas I am not sure from what sentai but you'll have to find out.

Hopefully I will be back with more Sentai and Rockman Reviews whenever I do come back.  I've done 10 Reviews of Ninja Turtles Reviews and I hope you enjoyed those but I do need to get back to sentai because Sentai is my Passion for Reviews.

Well That's it Friends as I am not sure on the turnabout with the Storm keep an eye out on my Youtube Posts and Tweats on Twitter whenever I do return.  I do have a Generator but I don't think I will have Internet Access so keep me in your Thoughts.   I will be in touch and Thank you for Checking out my Blog this Past 1 Year.  Ya'll Take Care and I'll be back Soon with more Sentai Reviews.


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