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Translation for the Morphin Brace!

Hi Friends,
Well when I put the Morphin Brace Review up I had very Little of the Translation done and I had Mr S and my Friend ShukuenShinobi help me out. But Anyway Shuki emailed me the Info on the Sayings and of course his Google Translator was being a Bitch b/c of how complex some of the saying were. So I ended up myself using my Google Translator and of course it was useless. So Shuki put up his Review up Yesterday and he had all the Translation done and he did a Fantastic Job on Trying to get it all Fixed. Now you are more then Welcome to use this for your review but please give my Friend ShukuenShinobi all the Credit he's the one that did all the Translating and Thanks to him I wouldn't have this so Thanks Shuki! So here's all the Saying for the Morphin Brace on the Dial:

Cheeda Nick:
Ohayou! Saa, okite okite!
Good morning! Getting up now!

Yaa! Ore wa Nikku. Kimi no name wa?
Hi there! I'm Nick. What's your name?

Oukee! Sugu iku. Tokorode, michi wo oshiete kurenai ka?
Okay! Let's go right away! By the way, can you show me the way?

Warattewaratte! Namida nanka furiharar!
Laugh, laugh! Shake off those tears!

Shutsudou meireida. Tobasu zo ~tsu!
Orders to move out! Let's drive fast!

Gorisaki Banana:
Ohayou...gomen, tabun asada.
Good morning...sorry. Maybe morning.

Koko wa ore ni makasete kurenai ka. Eh? Dame ka...haa...
"Here, why not leave it to me? Eh? I'm useless...or..."

Kyou mo gohan wo nokosazu taberareta ka?
Did you eat your rice before before leaving today?

Kimi ga genkinara kitto ore mo genki ni nareru.
I hope I can become energetic and healthy like you!

Gomen. 100 percent ryoukai shita...
Sorry. I agree 100%

Usada Lettuce:
Ohayou. Tokubetsu dai saabisu de okoshita yo!
Good morning! Wake up for the special big service!

Sora kara ikkini kougeki suru yo.
I'll attack from the sky at once!

Roger, Rabbit!

Usada wa shi~tsu teru. Kimi ga tsuyo itte koto!
I (Usada) know(s). You can be strong too!

Maiban shikkari hamigaki shi teru?
Have you been using toothpaste (brushing your teeth) every night?

Game Mode: (These are supposed to be in both Katakana and Hiragana, but the reviewer wrote everything the device says in Katakana.)

ミッション!シジドオリニ マワセ!
Mission! Shijidoorini mawase!
Your Mission! Do as I say!

0 - ザンネン!レッツトライアゲイン!モウイチド チャレンジダ!
Zannen! Let's try again! Mouichido challenge!
No good! Let’s try again! Try the challenge once more!

1- オー!プラクティス!プラクティス!レンシュウ シヨウ!
Oh! Practice, practice! Renshuu shiyou!
Oh! Practice, practice! Keep practicing!

2-3 - グレイト!スゴォイ!アトモウスコシ!ガンバレ!カモォーン!
Great! Sugoi! Atomousukoshi! Ganbare! Come on!
Great! Wow! A little more! Good luck! Come on!

4 - グッジョブ!ヨクデキマシタ! ヨクデキマシタァ!!
Good job! Yokudekimashita! Yokudekimashita!
Great job! Well done! Well done!

5- エクセレント!スバラシイ!クールナ スゥパァセンタイソウルヲ カンジルゾ!
Excellent! Great! Cool na Super Sentai Soul wo Kanjiruzo!
Excellent! Great! I feel your cool Super Sentai Soul!

Special Mode: (These are supposed to be in both Katakana and Hiragana, but the reviewer wrote everything the device says in Katakana.)

Mottomawase! Turn turn!
Keep turning! Turn Turn!

Happy Birthday! Tanjoubi omedetou!
Happy Birthday! Happy birthday!

Good night! Oyasumi!
Good night! (Good) night!

Ichi kara jyuu made eierukana? One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine Ten!
Can you count from one to ten? One…

Happy New Year! Akemashite Omedetou!
Happy New Year! Happy new year!

センキュー、ベリマッチ!カンシャノ ココロヲ ワスレナイデ
Thank You Very Much! Kanshano kororo wo wasurenaide!
Thank you very much! I thank you from my heart (My heart won’t forget this)

グッモーニン!ゲンキニ オハヨウ!
Good Morning! Genki ni Ohayou!
Good morning! Have a great morning!

Super Hero Time!

Once Again Please Give shuki the Credits on this I have all of this in the Description but it's best to give this to you on the Blog. I seriously Recommand the Morphin Brace it is Fun and Please don't Pass it. If you want to check my Review on it are my Friend Shuki's Review we both have the Translation to help you all out.

But Anyway, That's all on that please rewatch my Review on the Morphin Brace b/c I have edited the Annotations now that I got the Translation.

Now to some Buys I did I Bought the Gokai Saber and the Go-Buster Ranger Keys from Riderproxy.

I have Ordered the Legend Mobirates from AmiAmi at one Point I was going to cancel the order but I told AmiAmi to not do it.

So I will keep you all posted on everything and I hope this will help you guys in the futures. Once Again Thanks Shuki!! Ya'll Take Care!


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