Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Final Gekiranger Mecha Video!

Hi Friends,

Well the Morphin Brace has been delayed until I get the Translation to the Call Mode but I will start recording some Parts of the Review Soon. Since we are Waiting for that here is my Final Gekiranger Mecha Video and it's a Demo so please enjoy:

This Demo just shows you some other Combos you can do with the Mechas that they never did off the show.

Just Letting you guys know now I mention in the Go-Busters Vinyl Figures Review that I won't be getting the Buddy Roid Vinyl well I have change my Mind and have Order them from HLJ. I will be getting a Gokai Saber from Riderproxy very Soon. So I will be in touch on things and I hope I have the Morphin Brace Review up soon. So Ya'll Take Care.


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