Thursday, January 26, 2017

End of December 2016 and January 2017 Haul

Hi Friends,

It's been a Busy Month on doing Reviews on my Channel so I figure it is time to update you on my Haul and I know we've been in 2017 for 26 Days now but Happy New Year to you all I hope it's started off right for a Change so here is my Haul I recieved one Item at the end of December and figure I added it to this Haul for January:

Engine Sentai Go-Onger - Henshin Grip Wing Trigger (Bought from Mandarake's Umeda's Store)
Engine Sentai Go-Onger - Engine Sentai Go-onger Switch Bursting Sword Rocket Booster (Bought from on Ebay)

Saban's Power Rangers Movie (2017) Figures Wave 1 (All 6 Were Bought from Walmart for $9.97 Apiece)

So That's it Friends I am currently working on Pictures of my Zyuohger Mecha Collection and I will have another Japanese VS American Video coming soon with Ninninger VS. Ninja Steel so that will  be coming soon.   Also Kyuranger is 2 weeks away and I am getting Hyped up for that show and I am waiting for the other Toys to get on preordered.     As you Problably Noticed I didn't do a schedule of the Remaining Episodes of Zyuohger this Year as I got Busy with my Reviews I had on my Agenda for the month of January and at the end of Last Month I got Sick with a Stomach Virus so I lost Track of updating this Blog and everything else.  Also there is my Other Job where I am working full time and it's rough trying to film and upload and getting my Channel the Attention it needs.   So I'll be back with more Hauls and Post take Care!


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