Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Plans for a Collection Video!

Hi Friends,

Well as soon as I get my Next Package I will be filming a New V-Log and I will be talking about some Plans I have been thinking about doing.   The One thing I have not done yet is a Collection Video mainly a Video of Stuff I Own in Toku/Non-Toku Related Stuff.  I also do remember someone requesting this and I think I was busy on other Matters.   So it is time for me to do a Collection Video when do I plan to do it I am not sure.   I was wanting to do one now but then I realized I can do a Collection Video for my Channels 5th Birthday which is Decemeber 31, 2014 over a Month from now and I did Mention Last Year I was going to do something Big from my 5th Anniversary.   So in my Next V-Log I will talking about that and stuff that I am selling on Rangerboard, Future Buys and More and More Fun to come on my Youtube Channel.  Where can you check my channel there is a Icon that saz "My Youtube Channel".  Also help by clicking my ads on my Videos to help me make money and bring more and more fun.   So that is it for now keep an eye on another Post.


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