Saturday, July 5, 2014

4 Years as a Toy Reviewer!

Hi Friends,

Well I want to wish everyone a Belated Happy 4th of July and I hope everyone had a Good one even if some of you don't celebrate that.  But Anyway, Usually the Day after the 4th of July something awesome happens the Anniversary of when I became a Toy Reviewer.  So Today July 5th 2014 marks the 4 Year Anniversary of me as a Toy Reviewer.  

I remember that day very Clearly it was July 5th 2010, and I had the Plans already set to do my First Review which was the "Megaman X Offical Complete works Book"  I was clearly in my Late 20's a, Rookie and very Nervous I didn't even know how this was all going to work.  But I had just found my Tripod and I clearly started Filming my Nerves were so bad but I tried putting them aside.   Also before I started doing Toy Reviews I would always watch how my Pal ShukuenShinobi would do it and he was a Great Teacher because I spent maybe a Year or 2 watching his Reviews.  So the Review was Filmed which was almost 9 Minutes long and it went well.  During that Review I made a Few Error on the name of the Creator of Megaman and I made a Joke about shuki's Samurai-HaOh Review but I did that to shake the Nerves.    The One Other Error I did in that Review the Tripod I had that thing so high and not even giving my Viewers a Clearier shot of it.  But I managed to do a Improvement on other Book Reviews that I did.

So what have I learn about being a Toy Reviewer for 4 Years Now alot I know my Speech has improved a Bit and I am more Talkative on Camera now.  I love doing Figuarts Reviews and getting into details on things.   I am not the kind of Person to say "Don't get this Item" clearly it's your choice if you want to get it.   But all and all I love doing Toy Reviews it keep me going on my Days off from my other Job.  It's something I enjoy doing I wish I started doing this in my Early 20's instead of my 30's why I said that I don't know it's something I would recommand to anyone and all the Thanks goes to my Friend ShukeunShinobi because of him I wouldn't be the Toy Reviewer I am today.  There were times I wanted to call it quits because of the Trolls but that didn't stop me and I can give a Damn about the Trolls.  

So Thank you Guys for Watching my Reviews for these 4 Years keep watching and supporting and keep an eye on my Next V-log!



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