Monday, December 9, 2013

November being a Slow and Crazy Month for me.

Hi Friends,

It's time to explain on what went on through the entired month of November and why I haven't had a Review up in a Month.    Well at the end of October I mention on my Facebook Page that I was going to take a 2 week Break due to me and my Family doing House work and that House work was Redoing the Flooring so that project went on for a week and a Half was able to get things back in my Room and Office one step at a Time.   On my Eugene42181 Facebook Page I did alot of updating on what rooms were done and so on.  So I am Glad things are back to normal here I kinda hated the Fact that Half of my Sentai Stuff was in a storage Pod.  But I worked quick on all of that and got everything back so fast.  

So Now to a Buy I did just recently Thanks to Ms. Riderproxy I have a Giga Gaburevolver on the way so that's going to be my First buy in like Months.   Also I was waiting to wait and see how my Sales Pend out but I haven't had any Luck and I am having Problems with People not Updating me on if they are Interested in a Item.   The Next Thing I want to buy is a Kentrospiker Zyudenchi Gashapon to complete my Zyudenchi Collection (Sorta).   Now I was to start saving up for a Buragi-Oh because he's going to cost a arm and a Leg.  But in time I hope my Money from Audiomirco will help a Bit and I hope I sell somemore stuff as I am tired of seeing the Crap I have. I need to also get Topaspino to get my Kyoryuger Mecha Collection done.     Also I have a Few More Keys Sets that I want to sell so I hope I make something.  

So I am back Fully now and as Soon as I get the Giga Gaburevolver I will get right to work on that review as I am excited on doing a Review again a Month is too long for me lol.  

Also if you watch me Videos (Reviews & V-Log) you will hear Music Playing in my Intro well for My V-Logs you were hear a Change in it every now and then as to my Reviews same Intro that is called Extreme Team.  I tried to download some Christmas Mainly for the Month of december from the site I get my awesome Music from and my Window Movie Maker keeps rejecting it due to a Codec so I don't know and I am going to use the Music I already have .   I plan to get somemore really awesome Sports Music because it really brings life to my Reviews and V-Logs.  But Keep an eye out the More Spice the Better to my Videos Huh.  

So that's Clearly it I hope I remember everything that I need to discuss about and I know some of you miss my Reviews but Life has slowed me down so Much going on the Flooring and now the Holiday's.    So Ya'll Take Care and I will be back with another Post Soon.


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