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Happy 20th Anniversary Power Rangers!

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Well August 28, 2013 we celebrated the 20th Year Anniversary of Power Rangers.   Back in August 1993 I was a 12 Year Old in Middle School and during my Life as a Kid I like Varies Franchines first it was Transformers as a 5 Year Old, Then it was Ninja Turtles at Age 9, Then before I turned 12 it was Super Mario Brothers I was always a Fan of Luigi.  But when Power Rangers hit the Airwaves that changed my Interest big Time.   I didn't Really get into Power Rangers until a week or 2 after the First Episode Aired.  See, back then I always Recorded my Shows on a Video Tape and I guess I had my VCR set to record the First Episode of Power Rangers and other Shows that Aired on Fox44 that Saturday Morning which is the Morning the whole Franchise of Power Rangers Begun.

The Series of Power Rangers has impacted my Life Alot.  There were some Series I can take and leave but Power Rangers was dear to my Heart.    Some of the things there were doing  wasn't the Best work they were doing on the Show.  The One that I was so Stupid about is that they were using Japanese Footage and not making their Own Footage of the Zord Battles.

As a Kid I would have Friends and Cousins over to Pretend we are the Characters of the Show and Pretending we were Morphing and just having fun for the Hell of it.

As Time Goes By I continue to watch Power Rangers the Show was on Fox for 9 Years (1993-2002), then went to ABCFamily/ABCKids (2002-2010) and is Currently on Nickelodeon/TeenNick (2011-).

The Year that Power Rangers Aired and I would record a Episode I had Close Capture on my TV (Hearing and Impaired) but I would have my Close Capture on and I still have my TV that I had since I was 16 Years Old so it's almost a 11 Year Old TV but still works.  But Anyway,  In my Close Capture during the Power Rangers Theme is Playing a Message would Pop up mainly giving you a Clue on what the Show is about:

"It Begin when Explorers Release Rita Replusa, an intergalactic Sorceress who with her patiectic Sidekicks, attack Earth, All is not Lost, In the Desert Lives Zordon. A Wise Sage Caught in a Time Warp with Alpha his Robotic Companion.  He Recuits the Most Powerful Team on Earth, Teenagers with Attitudes.  They Must Repeatedly Face Rita's Putties and Become an unstoppable Team of Super Heroes know as the Power Rangers."

When I saw that Message in my Capture it really put Chills in my Skin lol.  But it was Like the the Capture already knew what the show was all about.

It's Funny I was a 12 Year Old and I still remember a Hell of alot that happen when the Power Rangers Franchise begin.   I remember the Lineup that Fox44 had before Power Rangers Aired we had Beetlejuice, Bobby's World, Esk the Cat and etc.

I remember when I first got into the Show my Mother would wake me with the TV on and there was one episode that Aired that Morning but it was the Episode "Highfive" but I was still asleep but I can hear in my Head Trini calling out to Billy "Billy your too High".  So I woke up to that not even knowing what it was.  Then when "I eye guy" Aired and they were forming the Megazord alot of it reminded me of Voltron but this time Dinozord instead of Lions lol.

I also Remember when the Toys came out...Oh My God the Popularity began.  Figures would disappear so fast.  The Megazords were already gone before hitting the selves.  But I remember going with my Parents to TRU and we only found the Red Ranger and Black Ranger 8 inch Figures.  So Yellow, Blue and Pink were either out of stock are they were expecting another Shipment of Power Ranger Toys.     But I was Happy on what I got and I was Like "These are so Cool" lol.  Later on along the Line I got Pink and Blue and then a Month Later I got Yellow.    But I also Remember People  were just Grabbing Toys and didn't know what the Hell they were.  It was madness at my TRU I am not going to lie and I guess that'll stay in my memory forever the Popularity of Power Ranger.

But I loved MMPR and Zyuranger even though some People hate them both.  But People need to understand the way Technology was back in the Early 90's as Compared to today's Technology.

But my Passion for Power Ranger grew as Season 2 Aired and New Zords Appeared and I like it to say we never saw the Dairanger Suits and only the mecha Footage but I do like Dairanger.  Then Season 3 with the Ninja Zords loved it more just like how I love Kakuranger.  Then PRZ loved it more because of new Rangers but it was sad that the MMPR Rangers were gone forever and I never saw the whole series of Ohranger.  Then PRT wasn't really a Fan of the Series just the way the series Started and ended.  I did like Justin in the series and then more New Rangers. Now not a Fan of Carranger.  Then PRIS Loved how it Started and ended mainly the ending as the Series was going to a New Level and New Cast/Rangers I also loved Megaranger.   PRLG it was a Okay series did love the ending in a way I'm also a Fan of Gingaman.  PRLR was not Crazy about the Cast I felt they were Lacking Acting Experiance not Crazy about GOGO V.   PRTF I am a Fan of Time Travel even though they went to the Year 2001 for a Year and Fought Mutants I also love Timeranger.  Then PRWF it was a Okay Series but was the last Series of Saban and Gaoranger is good.   Now PRNS Disney Takes Over and the Series was Okay just Like Hurricaneger.  The PRDT Love Dino Thunder and this is when I started getting into sentai as Abaranger was my First Sentai and I love Abaranger.  PRSPD Love SPD just like Dekaranger.  PRMF I wasn't Crazy about the Series even though I am a Fan of Magiranger. PROO another Series I was Not Crazy about wasn't to Crazy about Boukenger.  PRJF loved Jungle Fury and mainly because Gekiranger is my Favorite Sentai. But the Storyline of Jungle Fury was Nice. PRRPM it was a Okay Series the one Person I wasn't to Crazy was DR. K something about her I did not like but I am a Fan of Go-Onger.  Then PRS/PRSS Saban Takes over again and revives the Franchise wasn't crazy about Samurai even though I love Shinkenger and I kinda lost Interest in PR.   Now PRMF I am seeing things I am not liking about the series like the sound effect.  I did enjoy the First Episode bringing us back to Day of the Dumpster. Goseiger wasn't the Best Sentai but it was okay.    Now my Favorite Ranger I have to say I love RJ he is so Rad and Cool of a Ranger he is so different from Gou (GekiViolet) but I guess I like him because his Color is Purple even though I love Blue.

(Don't judge me here this is my Opinion and that's how I feel)

So the whole Power Rangers Franchise has Change my Life alot even though I steered clear of it and made my Passion on Sentai more then PR.  But 20 Years Ago and Today we are still hearing "It's Morphin Time!"   So I hope this Franchise will continue for another 20, 30, 40 and 50 Years.

Power Rangers is the Reason I started writing Stories with my own team of Heroes and I am still writing from this Day and loving it just doing different story lines.

So writing this Post has really brought alot of Memories to me and it makes me be a 12 Year Old all over again.  At Age 32 I am glad to be apart of this Franchise and I do want it to go on forever.



See Ya in my Next Post!


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