Sunday, July 28, 2013

End of July Haul 2013 and New Section!

Hi Friends,
Here's my Haul for the Rest of July:

Gashapon Zyudenchi #11 Deinoschaser (Bought from Raising1234 on ebay)
S.H. Figuarts Tyrannoranger (Bought from AmiAmi)
Nickelodeon TMNT 2012 Action Figures: The Rat King (Bought from TRU $9.99)
Nickelodeon TMNT 2012 Action Figures: Cockroach Terminator (Bought from TRU $9.99)

Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger - Kaminari Henkei DX Pteraiden-Oh (Bought from HLJ)

So that's my Haul for the Month of July cannot wait how the Month of August will treat me lol.   I also want to Thanks everyone for Subscribing to me about 3 or 4 Days ago I hit 2,000 Subscribers.  It was waaay back in January I hit 1,000 and look at me now.

Well I am in need of Making some Space so once again it is Time to do some Selling.  So I have Created a New Section just to help me sell somethings because it is sometimes hard to sell stuff on Rangerboard and I refused to go on ebay.     So in my New Section I will have a Picture of the Item, a Brief Description, The Price I want them for and I will include my Email so you can contact me.    I will Include some Instruction on how my Business works.  So check out that New Section it is called "Items for Sale".

So That is it and I will see you with a New haul in the Month of August.


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