Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sales Thread Status and other Stuff to Ramble about!

Hi Friends,
If you seen my Last V-Log I got the Gokai Yellow SHF and I talked about my Sales Thread on Rangerboard.  Well it's time to give you an Update on things the thread has been a Success there is only One Item left on the thread and that is the DX Super Geki Claw with a Price of $35.  Now Sunday I added Two More Items and that was the Gokai Treasure Box and I just mention it the Geki Claw.  Just Yesterday I mailed 4 Items 3 to Different Buyers.  Oh did I mention I finally Sold my SNES that's been in my care for 21 Years it's great that it's going to someone else I have been trying to sell that thing for a year every since I got my Twin FC.    So it's Great I got some stuff Cleared out as I am trying to get some more stuff for me to Collect and Review.

Also on the V-log I just Talked about I mention Preorders well I need to update you guys again on Stuff about the Preorders I made.  Yesterday I had to Cancel my Order from AmiAmi on the D-Arts Rockman X Zero (Type 2) why I did that because of my Budget right now so I am holding back on it and I'll get it again in the future.  Another thing I talked about was the Beetbuster and BeatJStag Vinyl Figures I got an email from AmiAmi their Release Dates have been Changed from the end of June to the end of May (This Month) so that's why I canceled my Rockman X Zero Figure Order.

Now something else I need to talk about and all this stuff will be Mention on my Next V-Log whoever I get First my Boukenger & Hurricaneger Keys or Gokai Pink SHF so you'll hear all of this on the next V-Log.

My Next Plan is to get Machalcon so I can complete my Gokaiger Mecha Collection.  The Plan is to get him Next Month are whoever has him avaliable but Mandarake will be the place I will get him.

Now this is being Planned but I am not sure Yet  but I have found a Mega Armor Series Model Forte (Bass) on Mandarake and I will work on that.

Next Month I have Preordered the DekaRed SHF from AmiAmi so much, much more stuff to look forward to.

But I will advise you guys I do have bills to Pay so there may come a Time when I may need to Cancel something are just busy with Life in general.  The Month of April has been Hell for me (Besides my B-Day) and I am hoping things do get better and it's getting there.

So that's all if anyone is interested in my Geki Claw please let me know because I have no use for it.   So keep an Eye on my Next V-Log and ya'll Take Care.


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