Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More info on the Channel!

Hi Friends,

Well if you remember me Mentioning in one of my V-Logs that I will be deleting Reviews when I add more Videos well I deleted the Rest of the Combo of the Sentai Hero Vinyl Figures and Sentai Changers so those are Gone for good. But there are the Reviews on the Changers (V2 Reviews)that I have up but I changed the titles on those. Also the Sentai Hero Week Vinyl Figures Reviews I have edited those on the titles and Annotations so please check them out since those Reviews have been getting alot of Views including the Shinkenger one which is about to hit 100,000 Views. I have a V-Log coming on my First Buy I am leaving it as a Surprise until you see the V-Log but it's coming whenever it comes in. I do have more News in the Next V-Log on some other Buys I did and more coming. I hope my Item that I am waiting for will be here anyday b/c I like to do my First Review of 2012 soon. Well that is it my Next Post should be my First Part of my January Haul so keep an eye out. So Take Care and More Updates to come.


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